As agents for TOYO TSUSHO™ we are able to offer a wide range of high quality Co-axial Relays.
The table below lists our standard stock lines. All Prices quoted are subject to VAT at the current rate.
Full technical details and Data Sheets can be found by clicking on the part no’s below.

Part No. Unit Price See Notes Contacts NO / NC
12VDC Coil
CX-120A £30.05 —- SPDT Note 1 Note 1 150
CX-120P £30.05 —- SPDT PCB MTG PCB MTG 150
CX-520D £68.00 3 and 4 SPDT N N 75
CX-540D £68.00 3 and 4 SPDT BNC BNC 75
CX-600N-24 £75.00 3 SPDT N N 24V 300ohm
CZX-3500 £133.40 3 SPDT N N 52 ohm
CX-550F-24 £78.00 —- SPDT F F 24V 50 ohm
Note 1: Direct co-ax cable connection will accept the following cables: RG58 A/U, RG142, LMR-195, 2.5D2V
Note 2: Direct co-ax cable connection. Designed for 0.312inch (max) O.D.
Note 3: Some models have specifications working up to 6 Ghz. *** Please call or email for info.***
Note 4: N.O. Contacts grounded
Most models are available with 24v. operation and are subject to M.O.Q. from Toyo Tshusho